Greenkeeper Enhancing Urban Green Infrastructure

Greenkeeper is an online tool, developed to support investors and managers of urban green infrastructure.

To significantly advance the, often formulaic, space standards-based approach, the tool utilises and interprets big data and advanced emerging research, to model the environmental, economic and social ‘value’ of green infrastructure. It can identify the complete value of a single green space, or review a portfolio. It can even provide an understanding of the value within of a city-wide green infrastructure network.

But here’s the even cleverer bit. Using the model developed, Greenkeeper can then help you model and fully assess the impact an intervention may have on this value. What is the benefit of a modification or extension? What is the complete value of a new proposal? By interpreting and applying big data and emerging research, we can make more informed investment and management decisions. We can therefore ensure urban green infrastructure fully supports and enhances urban life for everyone.


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