How will Greenkeeper work?

Understanding how Greenkeeper works, is of course essential if all users are to see how robust and reliable the toolkit is.

Greenkeeper uses Big Data from a range of sources, to understand how people use and value urban green infrastructure.  Combining the diverse skills of Vivid Economics, University of Exeter and Barton Willmore, our team has researched and layered a range of data sources, as shown in below. Freely available data sources have been combined with specifically commissioned smart data and emerging research findings. The use of mobile phone location data in particular, to more fully understand park usage, is an exciting innovation. The Big Data, Big Brother blog in our news section provides more information on this. 

Calibration and analysis has then been developed through Vivid’s previous ‘Natural Capital Accounts’ work and the University of Exeter’s wider health & well-being work. We have then combined this with the team’s comprehensive understanding of the urban, planning and development decision making, to design a user-friendly, robust and useful online platform which can inform every stage of the decision-making process. 

Greenkeeper can fully assess the performance and opportunities for a single, or portfolio of urban green infrastructure. It will enable users to:

  • Review existing green infrastructure in terms of its full contribution to urban life.
  • Compare existing urban green infrastructure with others to benchmark their contribution or consider spaces within a portfolio.
  • Utilise the information to inform wider planning, design, management, maintenance and investment decisions for existing green infrastructure.
  • Consider and compare the impact of specific interventions in existing green infrastructure.
  • Test the contribution of new greenspace within a proposed development. 

The Model