Established in 1936, Barton Willmore is one the UK’s largest planning and design practices, with inter-disciplinary teams in many of the major cities throughout the country.

They offer a comprehensive inter-disciplinary Planning and Design service which guides projects and informing policy at all scales. Working across the private and public sector,  they combine a strategic approach and experience at scale, with strong local knowledge nationwide. In particular, they use their scale to challenge current thinking and drive for innovation.

On this project, they bring together skilled strategic Planners, with leading Landscape Designers and Graphic Design specialists in an inter-disciplinary team. All in the team believe Greenkeeper will fundamentally transform  decision-making around the current and future provision of urban greenspace, to maximise benefits for the everyone. / @bartonwillmore 


John Haxworth, Landscape Partner

“In cities throughout the UK, space is at a premium. But this doesn’t preclude the delivery of high quality, flexible well-considered built form and landscapes, which provide multiple community and societal benefits. Green infrastructure can also have a huge impact on the pride and ownership of an area. Exciting open space comes in all different forms, while connectivity can deliver increased adoption of active transport and support healthier lifestyles. None of this is disputed and yet our current policy structure limits thinking to the scale of open space. As a life-long lover of public realm and the influence it can have on our lives, I am hopeful that this tool can significantly shift the debate away from quantum towards quality. IN doing so it will enable my clients and I, as well as individuals across the development industry to have better informed conversations around what is needed and what is being proposed.”


Iain Painting, Planning Partner

“Guiding project such as Healthy New Towns and major estate regeneration across London and the wider south east, I am consistently tasked with delivering development which supports a return on investment for all parties. Development which not only tackles our housing crisis, but also supports social inclusion, enhanced mental health, active transport and biodiversity. Planning legislation can be a blunt instrument at the best of times, but it can also be a significant driver for change, especially when supporting development of scale. I am therefore keen to ensure this tool sits comfortably within our existing planning infrastructure but also brings a new asset to everyone’s fingertips. An asset which aids us all in understanding the impact of our decisions and the opportunities we can harness.”


Jenni Montgomery, Business Development Director 

“When there is such a clear, and much talked about gap in the market, it is difficult as business development professional to not just jump in to try and fill it. As an inter-disciplinary practice, we had some, but no means all, the skills to support the delivery of this tool. We are therefore delighted to be working in such close collaboration with our partners and wider pilot and advisory group, to really get under the skin of the issues.  My day-to-day role is one of project management of Barton Willmore’s inputs, while also supporting the commercial viability and delivery of the tool, come its launch in 2019.”


Richard Webb, Associate Landscape Designer 

“As a dual qualified urban and landscape designer, I am always on the look-out for ways to maximise valuable, integrated public realm across our urban regeneration and new settlement proposals. Understanding and developing a method for analysing the quality of space and opportunity it provides is key to securing a baseline of understanding within the industry. A baseline which supports decision making for all parties and at all levels. My role is therefore to work closely with the Partners to challenge and drive the quality aspects of this tool and test its application in the commercial environment.”


Sophie Jamieson, Senior Planner 

“Although based within our London Planning team, I have recently moved to live in Sheffield, and have quickly become acutely aware of the opportunities presented to me and my family, by having the Peak District National Park on our doorstep. Comparing this opportunity with those afforded to my colleagues living in London is what has already made this project particularly interesting for me. Open space standards within the planning system are woefully out of date and based upon quantum with little to no real evidence of benefit. I believe this toolkit could radically transform the way the industry considers existing and proposed greenspace and as a result deliver huge benefits to cities UK wide.”


Aaron Clarke, Design Director 

“So much of a product’s success lies in how it is presented to the market. I am passionate about graphic design and how it is utilised across all platforms to deliver a functional but also memorable experience. Establishing the Greenkeeper brand and its online presence in particular is a key component in ensuring we deliver an effective, easy to use tool for everyone, that can convey the approach and process but also build trust in the results.”


Jack Gunns, Junior Graphic Designer

“As a new member of the Graphic Communication team in our Reading Office, I am supporting Aaron in the development of a strong product brand and the development of an intuitive online platform for users.”