Who might use the Greenkeeper tool?

Greenkeeper can support anyone involved in urban development. Planning Officers to Park Managers, Property Developers to Investors, can all use Greenkeeper to access timely and robust data. Data which can help all better analyse performance and inform investment approaches to urban green infrastructure.

Below we have set out some questions you may have which Greenkeeper can assist you with answering.

    If you are a Local Authority or public sector organisation, some key questions you face, which Greenkeeper will help you answer include:

    • How well utilised and what value is an existing piece of green infrastructure contributing?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our green infrastructure portfolio?
    • How can we amend existing¬† green infrastructure to maximise benefits for our local community?
    • How can we ensure new developments or changes proposed offer the best value for our local communities?
    • How do we better understand reasons behind under-utilisation?
    • How can we inform the focus of maintenance spending?
    • How can we support green infrastructure funding bids and prove the return on investment possible?

    If you are a developer, investor, land owner or a consultant in the built environment some key questions you face which Greenkeeper will help you answer include:

    • How much green infrastructure should my development provide?
    • What type of urban green infrastructure is most needed by the existing and future community’s needs?
    • Should our development look to accommodate green infrastructure within it or support off-site provision?
    • How do we quantify the benefits urban green infrastructure provision is delivering within our development proposals?
    • How do we present the full ‘value’ – economic, environmental and social – of our green infrastructure proposals/portfolio.
    • How can we best support our urban green infrastructure proposals through the planning process?