Who might use the Greenkeeper tool?

Greenkeeper will support local authorities, park managers, property developers & investors and any others involved in city building in securing a timely and robust data and analysis, which is cheaper, accessible and more relevant than current approaches or tools available.

    If you are a Local Authority or public sector organisation, some key questions you face, which Greenkeeper will help you answer include:

    • How can we better understand how our existing greenspaces are performing?
    • How can we inform decisions about existing or new greenspaces to maximise benefits for our local community?
    • How can we evolve a portfolio of greenspaces to meet the needs of our community?
    • How can we ensure new developments or changes proposed correctly balance the provision of urban greenspace with the need for local economic growth or housing?
    • How can we inform our investment decisions around greenspace maintenace or enhancement?

    If you are a developer, investor, land owner or a consultant in the built environment some key questions you face which Greenkeeper will help you answer include:

    • How can we inform the extent and type of urban greenspace required within our development, to meet the existing and future community’s needs?
    • How can we inform discussions on onsite vs offsite and enhancement vs new greenspace provision?
    • How can we quantify the benefits urban greenspace provision is delivering within our development proposals?
    • How can we tackle under-utilisation?