22nd July 2019

The Greenkeeper team has been selected to speak at this exciting conference, which will bring together representatives from across the developement and medical sectors to consider future city design.

Healthy City Design Conference is annual event that brings together health and built environment specialiss to debate and discuss key challenges and opportunities.
Healthy City Design Conference 2019

On a week that sees London confirmed as the world’s first ‘National Park City’, never before has the role our towns and cities play in securing the health & wellbeing of their residents been so prevalent on the political agenda.

Making our cities more healthy, successful and sustainable for people to live, work and play in requires a coordinated interdisciplinary effort across a wide range of areas – from policy-making and governance to investment, planning and design. Progress in one area can be slowed or impaired by a lack of action or resolve in another.

As such, this events role in bringing representatives together to update, debate and feed in to each others thinking is key.  How do we reconcile economic prosperity with the preservation of the natural planetary systems that sustain life? In a world where the effects of population migration and ageing play out amid rapid urbanisation, how can we support cities to take a healthier path? How can we ensure that, despite the best intentions of policymakers, urban planners, public health professionals, architects, designers and developers, our worst dystopian nightmares don’t come true.

We are delighted to join the likes of Imperial College, UCL, Civitas, Public Health England, RHS, and many others to join this discussion, debate and feed in to each others research.

Click here to view the Greenkeeper abstract as submitted for the Healthy Cities Design Congress 2019.

Click here to view full event programme.

This annual conference brings together representatives from across the built envinronment and health sectors to discuss and debate challenges and opportunities


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