1st December 2020

Do you want to know more about Greenkeeper and what it can do for you or your business/organisation?

We have been working hard to spread the word across the industry that Greenkeeper has landed and what it can offer you, whatever your role in green infrastructure. The unprecedented insight into the performance of existing greenspaces and opportunities it provides to enhance and add to your portfolio is a great attention grabbing offer!

Greenkeeper uses a vast array of datasets to estimate vistor numbers and resultant value green infrastructure generates

With the platform subscription offer now live, we are already supporting a number of Local Authorities with benchmarking and assessment of options for area wide enhancements as well as individual developers on project design proposals of all types and scales.

We have had a lot of interest in both aspects of the tool, but to understand more why not watch this recording of a recent demonstration of the tool via Zoom, as presented by Robin Smale and John Haxworth. Simply click on the link below.


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