The Future Parks Accelerator (FPA) is a collaborative venture between the National Trust, The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Local Authorities, with funding support from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. The programme has been developed to help Local Authorities ensure green and open space is available for everyone, for generations to come.

In 2019, eight urban areas were selected to receive £6m of funding and £5m worth of knowledge and expertise from some of the country’s leading experts in conservation, fundraising, volunteering and green space management.

The FPA cohort are:

Greenkeeper, still in its early stages of development at this time, was appointed to support each of these eight urban areas, by providing insight into the comprehensive value of existing greenspaces within their portfolio. The FPA team recognised Greenkeeper’s ability to support a step-change in understanding of greenspaces and the role they play for communities, the environment and the economy. More specifically Greenkeeper’s role in helping these Local Authorities – be they the public health, green space management, planning teams, or all of these in collaboration –  understand how people engage with and use their green spaces in order to maximise public benefit, local potential and even innovation.

As such, the Greenkeeper team have spent the last 12 months undertaking baseline reviews of each of the eight urban areas, to understand where strengths and weaknesses lie. Moving forwards with the cohort in 2020, we are now looking to support understanding of the impact on use, and therefore value of specific interventions through the offline consultancy aspects of Greenkeeper. Please check back for more information on the individual FPA case studies as they develop.


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