A Truly Collaborative Project Team

Following an award of part-funding for development from Innovate UK, Greenkeeper was developed and is now supported by a truly collaborative project team. In addition, an established pilot and advisory group fed into the tool during its creation, to ensure it met market requirements and drew upon the best knowledge available, from a natural environment, real estate, health and governance perspective.


Robin Smale
Project Manager


Therese Karger-Lerchl
Project Manager

Vivid Economics is a premier economics consultancy in the policy commerce interface and resource-and environment-intensive sectors, where it advises on complex policy and commercial questions. The success it brings to its clients reflects a strong partnership culture and a solid foundation of skills and analytical assets. Established in 2006, it has become well recognised and trusted in the field and known for uncompromising quality. Natural resource management is a core area of work.

vivideconomics.com / @VividEconomics


John Haxworth
Landscape Partner


Richard Webb
Associate Landscape Designer


Jenni Montgomery
Business Development Director

Barton Willmore is one the UK’s largest independent planning and design practices, with inter-disciplinary teams in many of the major cities throughout the country.

We guide projects and inform policy at all scales across the private and public real estate sector, combining our strategic approach and experience at scale, with strong local knowledge nationwide. On this project, we brought together skilled Landscape Designers and strategic Planners together to develop a tool which meets the challenges we all face within the real estate sector, day-in-day out, when considering and supporting urban greenspace proposals. Our ultimate aim is to fundamentally transform decision-making around the current and future provision of urban greenspace, in order to maximise benefits for both existing and future communities.

bartonwillmore.co.uk / @bartonwillmore


Dr. Rebecca Lovell
Lead Researcher

The European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) is a research centre of the University of Exeter Medical School. The Centre is home to experts from a diverse range of disciplines including epidemiology, policy analysis, systematic reviews, environmental economics, environmental psychology, geographic information systems and microbiology.  Launched in May 2011 with support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and European Social Fund (ESF) Convergence programme for Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly, the Centre has rapidly established a reputation as an internationally leading research institution investigating the beneficial role of natural environments, particularly urban greenspaces, for human population health and wellbeing.

medicine.exeter.ac.uk  / @exetermed


Diagram of original Greenkeeper development team, plus Pilot and Advisory Group Members

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