“As a Lecturer in Biodiversity and Health Policy at ECEHH, the core of my work relates to identifying how we can best, and most equitably, protect and provide health promoting living environments, synthesising and translating evidence of the links between green infrastructure and health for policy and practice. Working for the likes of the World Health Organisation, Defra, Natural England, the Forestry Commission and multiple Local Authorities, I have seen and assisted in the delivery of evidence that demonstrates the numerous links to better mental, physical and social health green infrastructure can foster.  Our challenge in this project was to find ways to integrate the understanding that natural environments have a public health role into the decision-making processes, such as planning and environmental management. Leading the University of Exeter Medical School’s contribution to the tool, I’m excited to see how the tool illustrates the huge health benefits greenspace delivers and how as a result it can talk across the environment, health and planning sectors.”